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Birth Not Worth is a design company specializing in corporate identity, brand marketing, and print media. We have worked with companies large and small, and are more than excited to help you exceed your business needs and expectations. Our passion stems from our desire to see businesses grow and develop into something greater than they ever expected. We began working with local businesses on the east coast and in the past few years we have been blessed with clients worldwide. Design is our passion and we look forward to sharing that passion with you and your company. 




Birth Not Worth is based on the concept that our freedom and our salvation come as a birthright through the sacrifice of Jesus, not based on worth. This does not mean we can sit back and enjoy the ride; there is still work to be done with the gifts and blessings given to us. Our tagline, “An outward symbol of an inward reality”, sums it up nicely. We believe this on the inside, and our goal is to always show it on the outside.


I thank God that my relationship with Him isn't based on religion or rules, but a relationship founded on love - God's great agape love.

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